About Tiffany

meI was born on November 14th, 1987, in the Cascade Foothills of Washington State, and lived there for most of my life.  I now reside near the capitol of Montana with my husband Luke and our son Wolfgang, and a menagerie of mischievous pets.  I started drawing mythical creatures as a child, and when pressured in high school to select my future career, I put my foot down, said I was an artist, fast-tracked through my remaining high school education, and finished when I was 16.  I attended different colleges and even art school, but traditional education has always bored me to tears and I’d rather be working, so I worked instead.

I had my first show when I was 17 years old, and it was a sell-out success.  I couldn’t believe my luck, or that people wanted to buy my artwork so badly.  I kept going, built myself a website, and have been selling my work online and at art shows ever since.  Since then, my work has been licensed for a slew of products all over the world, displayed all over the world, published in books, magazines, documentaries, and calendars, awarded, collected, and so on.  I have been blessed over and over again by my fans and collectors, and I love sharing the joy that my artwork gives me with the world.

Fun Facts: My husband and I have the same birthday (although he is 7 years older), so we went ahead and got married on November 14th as well.  I have two tuxedo cats (mama and her son) and two chocolate labs, one hyper and one old.  I’ve had the same goldfish for 3 years.  My favorite color is Majolica Blue.  No, Olive Green.  No, Antique Jade.  Hang on, Beet Root.  Hrm, no, Prussian Blue.  Maybe it’s Radiant Orchid.  Or Mulberry.  Mulberry is nice.  I think it’s definitely Antique Jade.  Or not.  I paint with both hands.  I play the piano, clarinet, oboe, drums, guitar, pan flute, etc.  My husband jokes the only thing I can’t play is my own lips, since I can’t whistle.  My favorite band is The Birthday Massacre.  My favorite meal is Pacific oysters, crusty garlic bread, and garlic green beans.  My favorite book is Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke.  My favorite movies are Pan’s Labyrinth, The Skeleton Key, Hot Fuzz, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Stanley Tucci, be still my beating heart).  I live in a weird little house with an underground tunnel and bomb shelter.  I love to cook.  I also love to eat.  Maybe a little too much.

Inspirations: Victorian cemeteries, haunted houses, dark forests, music of all types, lots of movies, pop culture, ghost stories, mythology, Irish folklore, the Tuscan-esque landscape where I grew up, gardening, Shakespeare.