Custom Paintings

I am booked through 2015, however if you would like to be added to a waitlist, look for more information below.

If you are a company interested in hiring me to paint work for publishing, licensing, or merchandising, please contact me via e-mail at with your proposal and any relevant contracts or other information.

For individuals who are interested in hiring me: I only take work with a fantasy or gothic theme.  I do not do portraiture but can do likenesses.  I only take work done in my own style, so please be familiar with my work before requesting a commission.  I do not finish commissions started by other artists, and I will not mimic another artist’s style for a commissioned piece.

You will need to have regular access to your e-mail as I will be sending you daily updates, sketches, and more via e-mail.  You will need to approve them in a timely manner (48 hours) or I will move on to the next project and return to yours when I am finished.  I like to keep a momentum going so I don’t lose inspiration, so responding faster will result in a smoother process overall.

Pricelist for commissioned pieces as follows:

Digital Paintings

Small digital painting (up to 11×14, medium level of detail and no more than 2 figures)…….. $700.00

Medium digital painting (up to 16×20, high level of detail and no more than 3 figures)………. $1100.00

Large digital painting (up to 36×40, high level of detail and no more than 5 figures)………….. $2400.00


Watercolor Paintings

Small watercolor painting (5.5×8.5)…………… $75

Medium watercolor painting (up to 8×10)…… $200

Large watercolor painting (up to 12×18)…….. $500

I require a 50% deposit to cover the cost of materials* and to hold your spot on the list.  My #1 goal is customer satisfaction, so I don’t mind correcting or changing things within reason.  The remaining 50% will be required before the finished piece will be delivered.  All prices include shipping and a print for digital works.  Digital paintings can be printed on canvas and stretched for no additional cost.

Payment plans can be worked out as well.

These prices are a basic guideline.  Some things may cost extra.

If you are interested in being added to my waitlist, you can e-mail me at and we will send you an invoice for your deposit or payment plan if requested.

*Materials for digital paintings include reference materials.  Some people assume a digital painting requires no material but this is not accurate in most cases.  I may have to purchase stock photos, brushes, or other items to complete your painting.