Spiderbait by Tiffany Toland Scott Tiffanys Realm
Spiderbait by Tiffany Toland Scott Tiffanys Realmspiderbait face detail


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This painting is a re-paint of a really old piece from when I was a teenager! Spiderbait is a gothic fairy character I came up with when I was 16 or 17. I always feel like I must attract spiders, since I am always finding them on my easels, drawing table, desk, bed, etc. I am very, very arachnophobic though, and I can’t stand to look at spiders. I have attempted to paint them in the past but it hasn’t really helped me to get over my fear. I am happy to report I only cringed a little bit while painting that black widow!

Prints are signed and archival!  The printed area of the 13″x19″ print is 12.5″x15″ and the 8″x10″ prints are 8″x9.5″.

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Print Sizes

We always try to make the image as large as possible.  8×10 prints are on 8.5″x11″ paper and 13×19 prints are on 13″x19″ paper.  The actual printed area may vary a bit depending on the dimensions of the painting.  For example, a tall and narrow painting might yield a printed area of 6″x10″ on an 8″x10″ print.  A more squared painting might be 8″x9″, or even 8″x8″.  The size is usually mentioned in the image description, but if you need exact dimensions please e-mail us and let us know.  We recommend framing and matting after you receive your order, just in case.

Print Quality

Our prints are always archival.  We use 8 and 10-color ink printers with 100% archival inks, papers, and packaging.

Open Edition vs. Limited Edition

I stopped producing limited edition paper prints in 2013.  All paintings produced since then are open edition, meaning they aren’t numbered or limited.  I sign each print, though!  Prints ordered after February 20th, 2014 are no longer numbered, but are still signed.

Paper Types

8×10 prints may be on either matte or glossy paper.  We are slowly transitioning to glossy.  If it’s very important to you, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  Large prints are on satin or luster paper (textured semi-gloss).

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